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News & Events

  • [13-05-2016]

    In Milan 2015, Vicente Zaragozá presented their new Florencia bedroom, which combined our signature wooden inlay designs with elements of natural wood carving on the headboard, mirror and wardrobe. At the Milan Fair this year, we presented the bedroom in the “Carrara” lacquer finish, which has sold extremely well since it was first shown in Milan in 2014. In response to our customers’ comments, we have also changed the dimensions of the carved elements, which are now a more proportionate size for the bedroom as a whole. The bedroom will be produced this year, and will be ready for delivery by December.

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  • [15-10-2014]

    Vicente Zaragozá present a new finish for the company's lacquered furniture.  The restrained elegance of a single colour (white, beige, . . .) with gold-leaf framing or designs - and for the price of our standard wooden furniture.

    This finish will be available in all our bedrooms, dining-rooms, living-rooms and kitchens.


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