The grace and delicacy of the California collection, already available in Ash veneer, finds new expression in this lacquer finish with decoration in gold and silver leaf.


The Neoclassical style of furniture which developed in the Lombardy región of Italy at the turn of the 18th Century featured clean, defined lines and produced elegant designs that avoided excess without falling into simplicity.

Vicente Zaragozá have found inspiration in this style, with its richness and harmony, to create the Praga collection. The splendid marquetry work of the Italian craftsmen is echoed in the fine hand-made designs that grace the collection, while the choice of Ash and Paoferro veneers creates a striking contrast.

When manufacturing this and other collections in lacquer, we continue to use wooden veneer on the surfaces, even though it will not be seen, to ensure the quality of the furniture and the finish.

The brush and marble effects of the lacquer are done by hand and the designs, which in the Ash version are hand-made wooden inlays, are executed by hand in gold and silver leaf.

Slate” is the finish chosen to show the Praga living-room to its best effect.  The new Imperial sofa in gold leaf completes an atmosphere of restrained grace and comfort.

The Verona collection has its roots in the Empire style, which was dominant in the palaces and royal courts of Napoleon’s Europe at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Originally combined with noble veneers such as Walnut, these majestic lines are now rejuvenated with a new finish.

Our designers have looked to the east to present a new lacquered finish inspired in the interiors of the courts of the Tsars. A delicate two-toned marbled surface alternates with a light brushed effect, to achieve a lightness of appearance while retaining the strength provided by the first-class materials used in our furniture. Our usual wooden inlay is replaced by designs in gold and silver leaf in our first lacquered collection.


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  • [13-05-2011]

    Vicente Zaragozá S.A. continúa y consolida su internacionalización en países como la Federación Rusa, Kazajistán, Ucrania, Vietnam, Argelia o Bulgaria, con la cofinanciación del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional de la Unión Europea.