In order to help our customers in their work with designers, Vicente Zaragozá have presented the first magazine of their products, and we intend to produce one such magazine every year.  This first issue shows both institutional and private products, some new additions to the catalogue, and single-brand Vicente Zaragozá shops opened by our customers in different countries.  We hope that, with this magazine, our customers can collaborate more closely with the designers in their cities.


Vicente Zaragozá Magazine


News & Events

  • [13-05-2011]

    Vicente Zaragozá S.A. continúa y consolida su internacionalización en países como la Federación Rusa, Kazajistán, Ucrania, Vietnam, Argelia o Bulgaria, con la cofinanciación del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional de la Unión Europea.