The company Vicente Zaragozá S.A. was founded in 1972, and since that moment the aim of the company has been to offer classical furniture made with traditional craftsmanship, quality in all aspects and designs that cater for our customers’ needs. The production process also uses computer-controlled machinery, thus combining high precision with flexibility and quality. In addition, we ensure maximum quality with our selection of the finest raw materials.

Our factory produces bedrooms, dining-rooms, living-rooms, offices and, since 2009, also kitchens. Our customers can therefore furnish any room in their house with furniture of the same high quality and the inimitable style of Vicente Zaragozá.

The solid wood in our furniture is beech or maple and all the veneers are natural wood, such as ash, walnut or olive ash. The hand-made wooden inlay designs are made with a wide range of woods, which are combined according to colour and texture: European woods such as orange, lemon, pear, walnut, box and olive are used in combination with Brazilian babona or zebrano, African bubinga or Indian coral wood.

In recent years, lacquered furniture has been in demand all over the world, and Vicente Zaragozá has responded to this situation by making all its collections available in this finish, with excellent results. We are now developing new colour combinations in order to widen our range of lacquered furniture.

Our desire to provide the best possible service for our customers led us over 30 years ago to take the decision, unique among manufacturers of such high quality, to stock finished furniture of all our collections in our warehouse for almost immediate delivery. The investment necessary to carry out this policy demonstrates both our commitment to our customers and our well-founded confidence in the furniture that we produce. For all these reasons, over the years, we have won the confidence of customers in over 40 countries and our furniture has been chosen by the presidents of countries such as Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Philippines, Ukraine, Cambodia and others, as well as kings, sultans and other national and regional leaders the world over. The presidents of central banks, parliaments and other political and financial bodies have also installed our furniture in their homes or their official offices.


News & Events

  • [13-05-2011]

    Vicente Zaragozá S.A. continúa y consolida su internacionalización en países como la Federación Rusa, Kazajistán, Ucrania, Vietnam, Argelia o Bulgaria, con la cofinanciación del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional de la Unión Europea.